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smooch -

the petals float on the river

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they were asleep for 100 years, they must be grumpy from that kinda nap

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You like owlboy AND ib....the good stuff

I'm bummed that this blog deactivated before I could answer this bc owlboy and ib are two of my favorite games I love them both so much kvoboflbllb

🌸 Welcome to dreamy Ecclesia! 🌸

Stay at the Mayor’s inn, visit the library, drop by the hobbyist collector, or go cliff diving during a lovely sunset. There’s even a hidden secret on the beach!

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posting art from my tumblr

hey what's up!! if you post any of the following drop me a like/rb and I'll check u out!

nintendo games in general

animal crossing

pokemon (especially pokemon mystery dungeon)

legend of zelda


stardew valley


night in the woods

queer-focused/queer-coded games

indie games!!

pixel games!! (especially horror games! Ib is a huge favorite!)